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Alan Eisenberg Show — 06/23/13
Alan’s guest is clinical researcher and author Dr. Neal Barnard.


“The Alan Eisenberg Show”AM 1400 WRJN

Since 1980, Alan D. Eisenberg has produced and hosted syndicated syndicated radio and television shows, on WRJN, 1400AM in southeastern Wisconsin every Sunday evening from 8pm to 9pm. The shows are also posted on the Internet at in the “Audio” link.

To listen to past radio shows online, click here and search on the page for “Eisenberg”


Vincent J Cataldi

A Curiosity of Spirit (FULL DOCUMENT)


If you already read Parts I through III and want to skip the preface, you can jump to the beginning of Part IV.


I am publishing this story somewhat hastily in response to the hue and cry on the Above Top Secret forums. Apologies in advance for those areas that I would have improved or omitted entirely had I spent more time thinking about what others wanted to hear and less time thinking about what I wanted to say. I attempted, where it occurred to me, to explain the terms and workings of the things I mention, but I may have forgotten to explain some items which could cause confusion and/or Google searches. I will attempt to update this document in the coming weeks as I have time, to improve the clarity and eliminate elements which may unnecessary or uninteresting to others.


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Vincent J Cataldi


By : Vincent J Cataldi

Prepare & Fortify National Security: for an inevitable Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), both natural and man made are deemed likely. One man made device over the center of the USA and detonated near 100-200 miles high, will cripple the USA – coast to coast, and most of the urban areas of Canada and Mexico in an instant. It could take decades to repair our way out of such an event. Within two days there would be no food to buy in any city, nor equipment to run a farm, nor phones, cars, trucks. The sun can be massively more powerful, and be world wide crippling event – except for the Hardened military bases and underground facilities.

To secure our National Security, harden our power grid infrastructure-backbone against an EMP – pre-position spare parts & and create a core system hardened to allow something to come back…

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