Is This Teacher Supernatural?

Is This Teacher Supernatural?
By Alan Eisenberg, Editor


This is too exciting!  Among all of the other things that I do, I study The History of American Art at UW-M, and my “Prof” is a splendid gentleman by the name of Michael Aschenbrenner.  I have been a student at various universities since 1959 but this guy is the best.  (Boy, am I old!)  Aschenbrenner has an interesting modus operandi of teaching.  He shows a long string of slides of ancient art, but takes the students back in time to the era that the painting describes.  It’s almost magic.  There we are, in 17th century colonial America.  Two months ago, he took us on an amazing Boston graveyard tour, and we wound up being taken back in time to about 1670.  It never even occurred to me to figure out how he had these eery 17th century photos.  Cameras didn’t exist. He was explaining early American sculpture, so I immediately got mentally involved with his explanations and details.  Suddenly a 21st century photo popped up and the class (including me) roared.  It was a photo of Aschenbrenner sitting or squatting next to a 1670 sculptured tombstone with a big grin.  It never occurred to me that Aschenbrenner was that old.  If you take the class, you might wonder!  (He is not hoary with age.)


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