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Guns, guns, guns, and murder

Guns, guns, guns, and murder
By Alan Eisenberg, Editor
The entire country seems to be in a turmoil because of ferocious gun debates taking place everywhere.  Vice-President Biden has been appointed by President Obama to head a guns and violence task force.  At this time sources say there over 300 million firearms in homes, cars, places of business and people’s pockets.  That’s one gun for every person.  Almost everyone either has one or wants at least one.  The national conversation has been prompted by recent mass shootings and massacres.  The first target in the activists sights are the high-powered military style automatic weapons.  The owners say they need them for hunting and self-defense. Use of a “Bushmaster” would turn a deer into a lead statue in five seconds.  A human being target would become Swiss cheese.  The NRA insists that ownership, possession and use of all firearms is protected by the Second Amendment.  The founding fathers probably knew nothing about Bushmasters and AK 47s.  The NRA has begun a campaign to abolish all “gun-free zones” at schools.  They want armed guards and armed teachers at all schools.  Perhaps all children should be armed with guns at birth.  The next problematic area is that the use of the high-powered guns requires use of high capacity magazines.  With these ammo machines one can kill 200 people in five seconds.  And one Teflon bullet can penetrate 3 people, and even police wearing armor!  Guns don’t kill people, it’s bullets that kill people.  And people kill people.  Why?  Some are worked up after seeing violent video games and movies.  Or violent TV shows.  Or the nightly news!    Many of the worst killers always turn out to be mentally ill.  Announcements are already being made by NRA people and politicians that there will be no changes made legislatively, and any politician who tries will be run out of office.  The President can issue effective (maybe) executive orders.  If one doesn’t want to pay full price, there’s always Wal-Mart, America’s biggest weapons purveyor, or better yet, gun shows where no one gets checked for felony records or mental health commitments.  Even that isn’t the best method anyway, because there are millions of nut-jobs cruising around who have never even seen a doctor.  Is there a solution for all of this?  We would love to read your suggestions;  contact, with your opinions.  The photo is of Ted Nugent, the number one pro-gun guy.  Nice, hmmm?