Father Jose Moreno Blesses the Wolves

Father Jose Moreno Blesses the Wolves
by Alan Eisenberg, Editor
On Saturday, May 18, The Timber Wolf Preservation Society of Wisconsin hosted a Birthday Bash and Memorial Celebration for its wolves, past and present.  The place, at 6669 South 76th Street, Franklin, was founded in 1967.  At 12:45, the proceeding hosted it’s first “Blessing of the Wolves” performed by Father Jose Moreno of St. Patrick’s Congregation of Milwaukee.  His blessing reminded attendees that God created the animals and the wolves; he also spoke about St. Francis of Assisi, the patron Saint of the animals.  About 400 people attended and the event continued the next day on Sunday.  The photo includes Nancy Jo Dowler, Executive Director and President of the TWPS, Father Jose Moreno, Eagle Scout Candidate Jonathan Niebgoda, and Board Member and Committee Chairman Alan Eisenberg.   The place is open to the public; admission is only $5 for Adults and $2 for children.  For more information go to 
Many groups attend throughout the year at this educational institution.  The place is totally safe, but one can be closer to the wolves than at a zoo.  It’s exciting!

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