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BiographyAlan Eisenberg Real Estate
Alan Eisenberg Real Estate
Alan D. Eisenberg, Sydney Hih - Milwaukee WI 53211In his long career as a real estate professional and at this time, he operates his own brokerage firm, Alan Eisenberg Real Estate. He is a member of the National Association of RealtorsWisconsin Realtors AssociationGreater Milwaukee Association of Realtors and Independent Realtors Associations. He also founded a hospitality industry brokers association. He was the  past Chair  of the Ethics/Grievance Committee for the Commercial Association of Realtors, has been Acting Chair of the Residential Board’s Grievance Committee, and Chair of the Public Relations, Government Liaison, and By-Laws Committees.  He was on the grievance/ arbitration committee for the Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors.   He has been active with the Wisconsin Real Estate Exchangors, chair of several committees and was a recent recipient of the Outstanding Service Award. He was a monthly spokesperson for the Wisconsin Real Estate Exchangors for all training sessions for all new GMAR Realtors orientation programs on the topic of 1031 exchanges and “Starkers.”  He has presented over a hundred different educational radio and television programs about real estate.  He has been real estate faculty and lecturer at many universities and colleges in the area.  He has taught pre-licensing, and continuing education curriculum for both the real estate and law professions.  He was published numerous times on the subject of “Ghosts, Murders and Stigmatized Real Estate,” as well as the cover story in The National Journal of Equity Marketing, “The Rape of Equity”.  Presently Alan Eisenberg is the  Editor of  El Conquistador, Wisconsin’s leading Latino Weekly Newspaper and authors articles about real estate and business.

Alan D. Eisenberg, Milwaukee WI 53211

The legacy of Alan D. Eisenberg has a history of controversy. His case scrapbook had been an eclectic mix of the accused: The famous, the notorious, the heinous, the indigent, the rich, doctors, lawyers, merchants, indian chiefs and several local prominent television broadcasters!

For a generation, Eisenberg has been the subject of numerous media pieces and cover stories.  He was the cover story in the newspaper El Conquistador when he ran for Governor of Wisconsin five years ago, and was on the cover of “The Press”, a Milwaukee weekly in the same year.  Wisconsin Monthly called him a “mean, tough, flamboyant gun for hire”; TheRacine Journal Times called him the “King of the Hired Guns”; The Minneapolis Tribune compared him to Perry Mason; the National Law Journal said, “He is the best-known and most controversial lawyer in Wisconsin”, and Auto Week described him as a “notoriously brutal scrapper whose aggressive and dramatic courtroom tactics in a steady succession of highly visible criminal cases — more than 500 involving homicide — have elicited comparisons to Clarence Darrow and other legendary barristers”; New Times Magazine in a late seventies article described him as a “short, dark tempest of a man combining the moral outrage of William Kunstler, the flamboyance of F. Lee Bailey, and the jive class of a street tough”; Stephen Englund wrote a book called Man Slaughter about his brilliant defense of a battered housewife charged with murder and described him as a ‘dogged infighter’ to whom ‘everything is the Battle of the Marne’; the same case was the subject of full page articles in the law and justice sections of Time and NewsweekTown and Country Magazine commissioned Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz to publish a list of the best lawyers in America; he named Eisenberg to the list.  Up until April of 2010, Eisenberg maintained what is called a National Law Practice and handled matters annually in at least 20 states.  He handled many matters before many state and federal appellate courts.  He enjoyed membership for decades as a member of the Milwaukee Bar, Wisconsin Bar, and other Bar Associations; he founded the original Wisconsin Criminal Defense Bar Association.

Life of Diverse Interests
Alan D. Eisenberg, Milwaukee WI 53211

Alan has been a successful presence on the airwaves and hosted several noteworthy local & syndicated radio and television shows on WOKY, WRKR, WNOV, KFIZ, WBKV WYMS, WRJN  and both VIACOM Cable Television and MCM MATA Cable Access. He created the American genre of “Ask the Lawyer” radio call-in talk shows and currently produces and hosts “The Alan Eisenberg Show”, a weekly radio call-in show on WRJN 1400 AM every Sunday night from 8pm to 9pm. He has had a long and successful run on WRJN. Eisenberg also produces numerous special radio shows. Besides being a guest on many other local radio and television shows, he appeared several times on the Phil Donohue Show,Good Morning AmericaThe Today Show and other network newscasts.  For many years, he was noticed in the world of professional boxing, as a ring announcer, promoter and attorney for many boxing greats, including Eddie Mustapha Muhammad, Light Heavyweight Champion of the World and “Dangerous” Don Lee, Super Middleweight Champion of the World. Eisenberg had a radio boxing show, was the subject of several articles in Ring Magazine, was the ring announcer at the internationally televised (FNN and ABC) Johnny Du Ploy / Reynaldo Snipes Match, and separately interviewed both Muhammad Ali and Tommy “The Hit-Man” Hearns, and many other champions. He also had been a major promoter and supporter of Milwaukee’s local Al Moreland Boxing Club, and the Annual Golden Gloves events.

Eisenberg as Author
Alan D. Eisenberg, Milwaukee WI 53211

Eisenberg has long been recognized as a prolific author in his own right.  For the last several years he has been the Associate Editor of El Conquistador, Wisconsin’s largest and leading weekly Latino newspaper. As an attorney, he authored several articles published inTrial Magazine, house organ of the American Trial Lawyers Association, the lead articles published in The American Journal of Trial Advocacy, as well as The Oklahoma City University Law School Law Review. In the mid-Eighties, he combined forces with Thomas P. Curtis, former Milwaukee Sentinel editorial page cartoonist and editorial cartoonist of Buckley’s National Review and developed a cartoon strip for National Syndication. The strip, “GUSTAVE WIND,” ran locally in the Shepherd Express. Eisenberg has authored many columns in major metropolitan newspapers and was featured as a regular columnist in Renaissance Magazine. As a real estate professional, he has published numerous articles in many real estate publications, and publications of general interest, locally and nationally. In 1994 alone he was published numerous times on the subject of “Ghosts, Murders and Stigmatized Real Estate,” as well as the cover story in The National Journal of Equity Marketing, “The Rape of Equity”.

Teacher, Mentor & Lecturer
Alan D. Eisenberg, Milwaukee WI 53211

In his role as a scholar, lecturer and teacher he has delivered Continuing Education seminars to various groups. Over the last thirty years, he has also taken on many teaching assignments at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC), teaching real estate and business law, as well as criminology, social science and human services curriculum. Eisenberg has been both adjunct faculty and a lecturer at MATC since 1966.  He has lectured at many other area colleges, high schools, and other institutions. In recent years, he has taught Real Estate Law, Criminology, Juvenile Delinquency, Contemporary American Society, and Developmental Disabilities. He has lectured in many MATC departments and on many other subjects. He has been a faculty advisor for  campus organizations as well.  He has been popular on the lecture and banquet circuit.

Appearances have included lawyer, law enforcement and paralegal associations, the national associations of accountants, engineers, social workers, pharmacists, transportation industry professionals, journalists (Pen and Mike Club included), and hospital and medical continuing education conferences. He has lectured at many other colleges, high schools and intermediate schools in southeastern Wisconsin, including Marquette, UWM, Carroll, Carthage, Parkside and Gateway Colleges and Universities.  He always appears without fee or honorarium.


Baseball has been a lifelong Eisenberg preoccupation. He has personally played on various baseball teams, and has sponsored others. In recent years, he applied his skills as a professional baseball umpire. He was a member of the Wisconsin Umpires Association and the National Association of Sports Officials. After 2002, he was twice elected to the office of Secretary of the Wisconsin Umpires Association. He is a life-long Milwaukee Brewers season ticket holder and fan!

Community/Civic Leader
Alan D. Eisenberg, Milwaukee WI 53211

Last, but not least, Eisenberg has established himself as a community leader. At present he is on the board of directors of the Timber wolf Society. He was the President of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Milwaukee Council 323, and he was a State of Wisconsin LULAC officer;  he was the parliamentarian of LULAC Kenosha Council 325.  He is the founder and vice-president of the Latino Press Club (Milwaukee).  He is a past Executive Director of the Epilepsy Association and was trained by John Hopkins Medical School in that field. He is the founder of the North Shore Historical Society and is the current Executive Director;  he was on the Board of Directors of the Brown Deer Historical Society. He was on the Board of Directors of the Friends of Kletsch Park and had been a member of the Fox Point/ Bayside, Glendale and Racine Senior Centers.  Eisenberg is presently a member of the Board of Directors of Wisconsin’s premier humane society, H.O.P.E. Safehouse, of Racine.  Eisenberg is the former Vice President of Friends of Seniors, a Southeastern Wisconsin senior citizen organization based in Racine, Wisconsin with over 1200 members. Until 2006, he enjoyed membership on the Board of Directors of the prestigious Citizens for Responsible Government (CRG) in Wisconsin.

Athletics & Race Car Driving
Alan D. Eisenberg, Milwaukee WI 53211

He is presently 71 years old, but he doesn’t look it!  He is actively engaged in vigorous, regular workout/fitness endeavors. In 2000, Eisenberg established a Table Tennis Club at St. Rose’s Catholic Urban Academy in co-sponsorship with the New Berlin Table Tennis Club. Alan recruited and coached adults and school children of all ages in this popular recreational activity. For several years Eisenberg has won  gold medals in the Senior Olympics playing table tennis. Eisenberg had a 14 year career from 1980 – 1994 as a professional race driver.  Eisenberg has won major racing events in the hundreds and has been on the covers of several national magazines.  He has also had a long career as an  equestrienne from 1949 to the present.  Eisenberg has done just about everything on a horse from polo to rodeo to showing horses.

Stafford Mansion

In 1996, Eisenberg moved his real estate practice into the fully restored the 120 (1892) year old Rudolph Stafford Mansion in a historic neighborhood on Milwaukee’s Westside. Eisenberg operates his real estate firm, Alan Eisenberg Real Estate, from this historic property.

Stafford Mansion, Milwaukee WI

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